¿Cómo hacer una copia de los contactos de una cuenta a otra?

This question is related to android contacts & accounts. How do I make a copy of contacts from one account into another account? For sample, the contacts in account A is person_a, person_b, person_c, person_d; but there are none in account B. How to make copy of person_a, person_b, person_c, person_d in account B. Contacts in account A are not deleted. Thanks.

BR Shawn

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by account do you mean Google account? -

Firstly, thank you, fredley. Not only Google account. There maybe multiple accounts in contacts. My app created one account, I want to copy contacts from the phone account into my account. -

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I had to do that as well and the only solution is to develop your own ASyncTask to do so. It is a long work as you have to manage the possible duplication, hidden contacts and so on...

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