detener ajax cuando llega a una parte específica de la página?

is it possible to have the ajax run until it will read something, for example <!--end-->, how do i do that?

I want to call a page, and stop reading the page when it gets to the - i only need to read the content of the HEAD

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That question doesn't make any sense, you should say what you want to do more clearly. -

Not really - do you want to perform a request and then do something with the result? Why can't you get the whole page and cut the stuff you want after? -

some of the pages are very long... and then it will take time to wait for the entire page to load when i only need the head -

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Assuming you have nothing against php, there is a mean to do it.

Instead of calling for your file, call for a php script, which will parse your file until it meats your marker, in your case <!--end-->. Let's name it parser.php.


//Retrieve your file. It can be any type of plain text file which doesn't need
//to be interpreted, even html.
$lines = file("yourfile.txt");
$i = 0;
    echo $lines[$i];


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