Gráficos de Google: las etiquetas de los gráficos de barras están invertidas

I create dinamically a chart for a website. I have a key/value map, I sort the values descending, and then create the url:


The values are set by chd=t:8,5,3, and the labels are set by chxl=1:|Label_8|Label_5|Label_3. However, in the chart image the labels are reversed.

I searched the documentation, but I didn't get why it is like this. Is it because I didn't set a value correctly, or is this the desired functionality?

I could reverse the label texts in chxl from code to be displayed how I want. Is this the right way?

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i haven't found any mention about it either, but just made a try with -1 and it works. So use it like:


Respondido 09 Feb 11, 07:02

It seems that it works with -1. It is strange that in the docs it is not specified anything about setting negative values to chxl. +1 for you :) - Verdadero suave

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