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I have just come across the Mobile application toolkit which enables me to expose my web app built on Asp.NET MVC 2 on an iPhone and other mobile devices. However how would I expose my site on an iPad?

Are there any toolkits out there?


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Could you clarify what you mean by "expose"? -

An iPad is just 4 iPhones iDuct-taped together. So you're good to go with the Mobile Application Toolkit.… -

@David: Sorry, I just meant show my web site content or allow access to it using an iphone/ipad. -

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Well, what I do is just using a Framework. I used to use jQTouch but now I'm using jQueryMobile as it works better in Android and Opera Mobile (to use with Nokias or any mobile device) much better that the last time I use jQTouch (before Jonathan took over the project).

if a user is using an iPad or any other desktop browser, I sent the user to my desktop views, if using any other iDevice, Android or Opera Mobile, I set the user to use jQueryMobile Views.

It's quite easy to accomplish this with MVC2, the controllers are the same, methods are the same, you just redirect to a diferente vista.

I choose to should my web application in desktop mode in the iPad cause I add some meta to it and that works fantasticaly fine in the iPad, you could also use any Framework or develop a new html5 view to work with the iPad if you don't want to mess up what you have already.

You need to rememer that in an iPad, there is no "hover" effect, and a click is a tap, though Mobile Safari does a pretty good job on click events, you could create a new set of views that use this new techniques, as well, the full set of Safari CSS3 and other bonus, such as geolocation, browser database, etc

más bajo Apple Technical Note: Preparing Your Web Content for iPad

I hope this helps, if you need more, please more precise question

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Thank you so much for the information. I have just downloaded the Web Application Toolkit for Mobile Web Applications. Do you have any experience with this? I will look at jQueryMobile. To think only a week ago I just started looking at MVC/JQuery/Css and now there my be work with the iPhone and iPad. - JD.

I would suggest to drop that toolkit, jQueryMobile is fantastic and will work in so many devices - see here in how many and how good - though they are in alpha 2, I got plenty with it. you can give jQTouh a go as well. check their examples - you will need a good know-how of javascript and CSS if you want more than the default of both frameworks. - Keep in mind, a mobile device web application, is just a normal website with more rules like, sizes, user interface, etc. but it's still a website. - balexandre

Thank you you have been so helpful. I just read the toolkit start up which looks very easy. I'll browse over to jQueryMobile and see what that involves. Lots to learn but I am enjoying it and I really appreciate the help from you. - JD.

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