Código fuente de la API de Java [cerrado]

Where can I find the source code of the Java API?

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Have you checked Google? -

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OpenJDK code: Navegar aquí
For example, if you looking for AWTUtilities.java, go here in the above link:

src› share› classes› com› sun› awt› AWTUtilities.java
  1. OpenJDK project homepage where they have all the instructions of downloading and building it
  2. OpenJDK Mercurial Repo hosted Aquí
  3. JDK Documentation Aquí

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Install the JDK. The sources for the public classes are packaged in src.zip.

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I already found the code on Google Code Search, but out of curiosity is this only true for OpenJDK? I'm running Ubuntu and can't find it in the sun-java6-jdk directory. - Matt Robertson

Ubuntu repackages everything. Have you installed sun-java6-source? - Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen

It is true with the JDK 7 directly from Oracle as well. +1 for being by far the most correct answer here, and saving me decaminutes of time. - trognanders

You can also find them online at http://www.docjar.org/.

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I'm not sure what you mean, but here is the Documentación de la API

Fuente para OpenJDK implementation

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Presumably you mean the core libraries?


You might this alternative useful too:


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If you only need to look up some classes, the following page is also a good source:


It works for different versions of various libraries.

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