hibernate jpa criteriabuilder ignorar las consultas de casos

How to do a like ignore case query using criteria builder. For description property I want to do something like upper(description) like '%xyz%'

Tengo la siguiente consulta

CriteriaBuilder criteriaBuilder = entityManager.getCriteriaBuilder();

    CriteriaQuery<Person> personCriteriaQuery = criteriaBuilder.createQuery(Person.class);
    Root<Person> personRoot = personCriteriaQuery.from(Person.class);

    personCriteriaQuery.where(criteriaBuilder.like(personRoot.get(Person_.description), "%"+filter.getDescription().toUpperCase()+"%"));
    List<Person> pageResults = entityManager.createQuery(personCriteriaQuery).getResultList();

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Sorry, an off-topic question, when do you use the class Person_?, I'm so curious why use underscores in a class name. -

@MarcosEchagüe This classes are generated automatically with hibernate-jpamodelgen. They are used to get the field names instead of using raw Strings. Also refactoring becomes easier with it. For more information have a look at hibernate.org/orm/tooling -

Thanks @felix-seifert!! now i know it! -

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Hay un CriteriaBuilder.upper() método:


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If the database contains German words with letters like Fußballschuhe in the column, java will modify the parameter in uppercase method to FUSSBALLSCHUHE and the query will not match. Lowercase will work in this case:


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Maybe pass a Locale into the toUpperCase or toLowerCase method? - Brian Blain

The database may also perform the uppercase without considering locale, so make sure that your program is consistent with the database first. - Gagarwa

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