AS3 Guardar archivo multimedia en el servidor

im not good with as3 and was wondering if someone could help me with this seeing as I cant find the answer on google.

I currently have this, "recordedfile.wav");

How would I change that so recorder.output saves to my server in the same directory instead of how it is now, which produces a file save window to save on my local hard drive.

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Do you mean save on the webserver? AS3 runs on the client only. -

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Basically you will need to send your bytearray to some server-side script that will save it on your server.

Similar question was answered aquí.

I think the best way to achieve what you want is using URLRequestWrapper class by Jonathan Marston. It is well commented so it should be easy to use. If you are using php you can read on how to receive and save a file en

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