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I am trying to re-write a Python library in Java. I was wondering if any java package was available which is analogous to the select module available in Python.

I have been referred to the nio package but I was wondering if there was a slighly more similar Java implementation.

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Java doesn't have an equivalent of select() or poll(). Thus, you are stuck with NIO. -

Perhaps you could say what you are trying to do. There are loads of options/frameworks for doing this sort of thing. -

Java's threads are very light weight in Java 6. Often having one thread per source is the simplest way to process multiple streams. -

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Not unless you are willing to write a JNI envoltorio para seleccione(2) yourself, or can find one on the 'net. (I looked briefly, and I didn't find one.) That's likely to be a fun little challenge, too, if you want to support Java's notion of an open file (e.g., to map a Java InputStream into a Unix file descriptor).

The preferred way to do this in Java is, as you've noted, with java.nio. nio does have some restrictions, though. The biggest difference between nio y seleccione(2), aside from the API differences, is that nio will only multiplex over network sockets. You can't use it to multiselect open files, for instance.

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I would be very surprised if multi-selecting on files would be more efficient than using multi-threads to read one file each. - Peter Lawrey

That depends on the application. It also depends on how much multiselecting you have to do. If you have to handle a significant number of open sockets, you're going to run into problems with threads, for instance. Threads don't scale as well as a concurrent model that uses nio y java.util.concurrent. - Brian Clapper

Not sure if this will work for you, but you could try Jython instead of re-writing it in java.

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This is a fair point. The Jython select module hews closely to the CPython seleccione module's interface, though it's based on Java channels, so it only works on network sockets, just like nio. - Brian Clapper

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