Editor de imágenes basado en vectores WYSIWYG basado en JavaScript o PHP

For a PHP based site of a client, I'm looking for a vector based image editor that allows:

  • end user creation of vectored images consisting of objects
  • supports upload of bitmap images to be used as objects inside the vector image
  • supports adding text objects to add to the vector image, and change properties (font name, font style, font size) of the text objects
  • preferably supports layering or grouping of objects inside the vector image
  • integrates nicely with a PHP based site (so a PHP or JavaScript library is preferred)
  • can store the vector image in SVG, EPS or PDF

Both commercial and FOSS solutions are OK.

Any idea where to find such a library?


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Some years ago I searched for something like this and found some solutions. IIRC they were Flash based. -

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De acuerdo con Wikipedia, SVG-edit es uno.

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It works well in Chrome, FireFox and Safari out of the box. For Internet Explorer 6-8, it needs the Chrome Frame Plugin (code.google.com/p/svg-edit/wiki/FrequentlyAskedQuestions). - Jeroen Wiert Pluimers

I've done some crawling for such tools as well in Open Source.

I've found pieces, with some extra efforts you can maybe make some glue or recode with inspiration:

Nice 'imprecise-line-drawing' editor, but fonts are handed via ajax calls: http://zwibbler.com/ (png/pdf/svg save)

A library to handle fonts in javascript, need some work to really use it as an external lib http://typeface.neocracy.org/ y cheque http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ & http://www.netzgesta.de/dev/text/ también.

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Zwibbler starts at $2999! That's insane. - TheStoryCoder

@TheStoryCoder maybe, did not check the marketing parts, and this post was in 2011, things may have changed. - regilero

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