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How can I get QNX C/C++ sample code?

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Since QNX is proprietary, it can be hard to get a "jump start".

But as Research In Motion (the makers of BlackBerry) acquired it and are heavily investing on it - in the hopes to get as many developers as possible to jump on the new BBX platform, you may benefit from learning QNX via RIM - and maybe even winning a free Playbook tablet.

You can download the Native Development Kit (NDK) from this website:

It is a slightly modified version of Eclipse called Momentics. Using the Playbook simulator (which runs under a - hopefully - free version of VMWare) you can write, compile and run your QNX softwares.

I suggest you taking a close look at PPS objects. They are the most outstanding "idiosyncrasy" of QNX and mastering it will pretty much enable you as a QNX developer. Also, try to register for Foundry27 on QNX website and there you will find handful of (unfortunately almost hidden from Google) resources on QNX.

¡Espero que eso ayude!

EDIT: and with the NDK it comes with a handful of examples. You will find them pretty much similar to POSIX.

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QNX Community Resources is always a good source of help and sample code for QNX.

Usually, library reference entries have a small sample code, e.g. MsgDeliverEvent.

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Si vas a, download the QDE/Momentics trial, you'll get an Eclipse-CDT which will have examples available from the start page.

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QNX Neutrino is also similar enough to Linux/Unix systems that most software examples (for example socket and terminal io code) will be equally applicable to QNX as they are for their Unix system.

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QNX implements most, if not all, POSIX interfaces. - David Thomas

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