Cadena B64 que se elimina de HttpService JSON Object Flex 4.0

I am trying to decode some b64 images obtained from a web service in my Flex application. The response of this web service is a basic JSON object, with a property (B64Image) that contains the encoded string. The service works fine from my regular browser, however the b64 string gets stripped. So the object the result handler gets has a null value for B64Image. Anyone see something wrong here?


  "PropertyPhotos": [
      "B64Image": "/9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQEAYABgAAD....etc"

<s:HTTPService id="photoService"

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it's difficult to see, what could be wrong here, because such a few code...

what does the debugger say? does anything come back from the webservice? is the result or fault event thrown?

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The Flex result handler receives a JSON string representing the PropertyPhotos array as shown above, but there is no value for property B64Image. No errors are thrown. When I test in a regular browser, the JSON object is complete, i.e. property B64Image has the base64 encoded string. - user163757

so, the value is empty? have you tried to send a valua manually? just some characters to see if at least anything comes through? - derroman

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