Aprendiendo programación JavaME ... Confundido

I have just started to try and learn JavaME and I'm quite confused how it works and how to piece it all together.

For my first task i thought a simple application would be the best approach. I want to create an app that lets the user input a word into a TextField() and then press a button or activate a function that sends this input to a server. The server responds by sending back "OK".

This is simple enough because i have written a swing application that can send/recieve data from a tomcat server, all it takes is a MouseListener and an InputStream.

I would now like to make a simple app like that using JavaMe. I cant however work out how. I have created a form with an attached TextField that allows the user to input text and created and an exit button that quits the application.

How would i now go about creating a command that takes the text value from the TextField and opens an InputStream.

Gracias por cualquier ayuda en el asunto.

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Yes, but how would i call this. If using standard java i would just setip a mouseListener. Say i use a Command, how would i call a function? - Des C

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