Elimine parte de la URL solo para ciertos tipos de archivos con mod_rewrite

I need your help. I have a Joomla site working. I enabled it friendly urls and it works fine. All rewritten URLs are this way


When I activate Joomla Cache plugin, when I load page first time, it works fine, but afterwards, it doesn't load any css or image file.
Debugging resulting html, I realized cached file has these images and CSS links


En lugar de


(real routes)

So I think I need a rewrite rule to remove word "start" from url, and then retrieve them and show, but only to image and css files from mydomain.com/start/

Can you help me how to do it? I don't want anything else to be rewritten...

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RewriteRule ^start/(images|css)/(.+) /$1/$2 [R]

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