¿Cómo convierto de una base de datos a serialización con listas?

I have this applications where I've used a MySQL server to store and use 5 tables of information. Whenever I had to represent the information - I would use a jTable like this:

# ID Name Info1 Info2 ...
1 231 foo bar troll
2 244 .. .. .. 
3 246 .. .. ..

The ID here is the same primary ID that is stored in the tables. When i wanted the user to select / edit one of these records - I would apply a SelectionListener al jtable, read the ID on the selected row, and apply the changes to that object in the Database (using the ID I read)

Now, I'm trying to convert my application for use with serialized objects and will be storing the state in files. Data will be stored using LinkedList and I will be serializing the lists themselves into files (not individual data entries).

My question is - How do I use LinkedList es jTable such that the user is still able to select / make changes / sort through the jTable.

Para ser más especifico

  1. How do I know which item the user has selected in the jTable - should I use index matching? Or should I insert an ID attribute into the base objects?
  2. How do I perform sorting in the LinkedList on the basis of object attributes (like sort by name, info1, etc.)


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You need to create a custom table model. Extend DefaultTableModel and return the data from your LinkedList in your model. You can also implement the setValueAt method to have JTable changes update the LinkedList.

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