No se puede conectar a UserPC \ SQLExpress

I just installed SQL Server Management Studio Express 2008. For the username 'sa', I tried to change the password and login through SQL authentication but it failed.

I tried to create a new new user too and login. While I try to login in to the SQL management Studio, this error is given - > Screenshot:

¿Qué va mal?

preguntado el 09 de enero de 11 a las 07:01

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Verify that "SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode" is selected in the Server authentication section of your server's Security properties.

Respondido el 09 de junio de 12 a las 22:06

You may also have to restart the SQL Service after changing this setting (I did). Notes also at… - Michael Paulukonis

Looks like SQL server is not properly installed.check computer>manage >services and applications ... if you can see SQL server under that its install is successful. if not the problem is with the installation

Respondido el 09 de enero de 11 a las 10:01

Try restarting your SQL Server. Looks like the service is not accepting the connections.

Respondido el 09 de enero de 11 a las 10:01

Did a restart but I can't login with 'sa' user too. Any suggestions? - Cifra

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