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Is it allowed to use <body onLoad="myfunc()"> along with jQuery's document.ready() handlers? I can't find a way to achieve the same functionality of the <body onLoad> with jQuery.

An example of a use case would be a facebook application. An Iframe facebook app requires the use of the FB.Canvas.setSize function which resize the iframe.

I would need to fire it up only when all elements on the page are finished loading.

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$(window).load(myfunc) is what you're looking for. If you're working with the load event of an iframe, you can replace window with the iframe element/selector.

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In case I create the iFrame dynamically later on, it seems like it is not possible to use .live() and load.. is there any solution for that? - Joel

After creating the iframe (e.g. var iframe = document.createElement('iframe');), you can pass it a load event callback with $(iframe).load(myfunc);. I would recommend doing this before attaching it to the DOM and/or setting its src atributo. - Kevin

I tried using both $(window).load(FB.Canvas.setSize()) and jQuery(document).loadFB.Canvas.setSize()) . However, none of them resize the window as opposed to using <body onload="FB.Canvas.setSize()"> which does the job. It seems like they act differently - Joel

Neither of those would work. You want something like this: $(iframe).load(function() { FB.Canvas.setSize(); }); If this still doesn't work, please edit your original question and provide more code/context. - Kevin

Understood. You can attach the load event callback to the window before creating the iframe: $(window).load(function() { FB.Canvas.setSize(); }); // then create iframe - Kevin

Esto también funciona:

    // ..
    // ..

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How does this improve the accepted answer? There's much less verbose methods to do this.... - nombre_usuario_aleatorio

From the jQuery API on the ready manipulador:

The .ready() method is generally incompatible with the <body onload=""> attribute. If load must be used, either do not use .ready() or use jQuery's .load() method to attach load event handlers to the window or to more specific items, like images.

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.load(), .unload() or .error() are deprecated since jQuery 1.8. Lookup for these aliases in your code and replace them with the .on() method instead

$(window).on('load', function(){...})

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Link to deprecated evento de carga. - Osmund Francis

Link to JQuery 3.0+ AJAX short-hand method called load(); readers should be aware of the difference when looking at their code (and resulting errors). - Osmund Francis

Found this thread updating some old code that had <body onload="someFunc()"> so to give an updated answer:

No use load(). Mientras $(document).ready(function(){...}); should work (depending on your use case) you actually want: $(window).on('load', function(){...}); to more closely mimic <body onload="...">

Some threads suggest this has been deprecated since jQuery 1.8 (as well as .unload() y .error()) and should be replaced with proper .on() implementations. I've confirmed that using load() on 3.3.1 results in an error, namely: indexOf is not a function in jquery.min.js

Documentation For jQuery's onControlador de eventos

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pensé $(window).on('load', function () {...}) was the same thing as $(window).load(function() {...}). Are they not? - Jarad

Well they function similarly, however load() & on() are indeed two different & unique functions. I was just cautioning that I had found some sources stating the 'load'/'unload' were being phased out in favor of the more flexible 'on' function. - ThatOneGuy

Trata load():


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I don't think you want to be passing the return value of myfunc hasta el load event ;) - Kevin

Please see my last comment to Kevin's answer - Joel

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