Problema al combinar el menú desplegable con el menú desplazable horizontal

I am trying to show dropdown menu inside horizontally long menu. For this purpose, i combined the script of displaying scrollable menu and dropdown menu together. But in this case, dropdown menu is not popping out from the scrollable menu container.

Favor de revisar este example. And suggest about what css property i can set.

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works in chrome: I see the javascript menu popping out in the lower horizontal scrolling menu. What browser do you have a problem with? -

@Caspar Kleijne: AFAIK, the problem is with the popup menu in the upper area where everything keeps moving around. The upper menu pops up but gets clipped at the bottom. -

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Your problem is that you have overflow: hidden al div.sc_menu. You're telling the browser to clip any child element that tries to render outside the div.sc_menu. The solution is to drop the overflow: hidden.

Si estás usando overflow: hidden as a clear-fix then you'll have to clear your floats explicitly.

If you can't clear your floats by hand and thus need to keep the overflow: hidden, then you could make try making the popup menu a child of <body> and then position it by hand on the appropriate hover event; you wouldn't be able to use the standard sucker-fish techniques in this case, you'd have to emulate sucker-fish in JavaScript.

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