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I am trying to setup this code that loads a random link but I have one problem:

$links = file('myfile.txt');
$rand_link = $links[ mt_rand(0, count($links) - 1) ];
echo '<div class="link"><a href="' . $rand_link . '"><img src="button.png" border="0"></a></div>';

It sometimes shows the pages it has shown earlier. I want it to remember what sites it has displayed and don’t show it again until the user starts from the beginning. Thanks appreciate your help.

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I couldn't embed the code there but it looks like this. $links = file('myfile.txt'); $rand_link = $links[ mt_rand(0, count($links) - 1) ]; echo '<div class="link"><a href="' . $rand_link . '"><img src="button.png" border="0"></a></div>'; -

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finally the enhanced version with multiple sites in history

// Predefinitions
$links = file('myfile.txt');
$currentPage = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];

// make sure links are pure and no whitespaces are left
foreach ( $links as &$link )
    $link = trim($link);

// prepare for history
if ( ! array_key_exists('visited_links', $_SESSION) )
    $_SESSION['visited_links'] = array();
// add current site to visited links if it wasnt visited earlier
if ( ! in_array($currentPage, $_SESSION['visited_links']) )
    $_SESSION['visited_links'][] = $currentPage; 

// get all those links which weren't visited yet kinda $links = $allLinks - $visitedLinks
$potentialLinks = array_diff($links, $_SESSION['visited_links']);

$randomLinkId = mt_rand(0, count($potentialLinks)-1);
$randomLinkIds = array_keys($potentialLinks);
$randomLink = $potentialLinks[$randomLinkIds[$randomLinkId]];

echo '<div class="link"><a href="'.$randomLink.'"><img src="button.png" border="0"></a></div>';

there could be potential errors if the format of $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] and this of your linklist differ, you can evaluate this with some quick var_dumps. As far as I know Wordpress automatically starts an session, this should explain your errormessage. This script assumes that the session is already started.

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unfortunately i am very much beginner. can you help implement this? - Truthworthy

$arrayOFRandomLinks should hold all those links you want to iterate through, you can also do $arrayOFRandomLinks = include 'somefile.php' with somefile.php simply being <?php return array('link1.php', 'link2.php', ...); I added the code to make the rand work, that should be the whole magic - Samuel Herzog

i just understood that you don't want to show a set of sites, not a single one, for this approach you need to use sessions, i'll implement this too, just give me some time. - Samuel Herzog

hI Sameul apprecate your time, this seems to be the closest i just faced little error here it says .... Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The second argument should be either an array or an object in... yes the links are external. - Truthworthy

could you give me an excerpt of your myfile.txt so i can test it myself? - Samuel Herzog

Try this code. May be errors, I have not tested on the server. And I use the session to preserve already viewed pages.

$links = file('myfile.txt');
$show_links = array();


if( $_SESSION['show_links'] )
foreach($_SESSION['show_links'] as $key=>$value){
    $show_links[$key] = $value;

$random_link_number = mt_rand(0, count($links) - 1);

if(count($show_links) != count($links)){
while(   !in_array($random_link_number, $show_links)   ){
   $random_link_number = mt_rand(0, count($links) - 1);

$show_links[] = $random_link_number;
$_SESSION['show_links'] = $show_links;

$rand_link = $links[ $random_link_number ];

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thanks a lot for answer...unfortunately it shows errors like this Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded is there another way we can accomplish this or write this code? thanks appreciate your help. - Truthworthy

nope still experiencing same issue. removed the session_start (); since i am adding this code to a wordpress plugin but still i have the other error. - Truthworthy

But how then you ought to save the data that looked at this site? - Жасулан Бердибеков

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