Mejor IDE para desarrollar aplicaciones basadas en primavera [cerrado]

I have to develop web based application on spring currently i am using eclipse.

i have installed plug-in for spring development is there any better options to choose open source IDE?

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Choice of IDE is always a personal preference.

Mine is to use Intellij IDEA ultimate. Obivouslly this invokes you paying for a license but it is in my opinion a very well thought out IDE for all aspects of java development and includes great support for spring.

For an opensource alternative try the springsource tool suite it's basically a canned version of ecplise with all the plugins installed.

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@Davis I need opensource IDE currently i can not pay for any kind of license it will be great if u suggest any opensource IDE - RPB

Attempted to add a link to STs damn hard todo while editing on an iPhone - Gareth Davis

Well you can post it as a answer to this question - RPB

well i got it how do i do thanks for your support - RPB

No worries.. Don't be shy with the up vote :-) - Gareth Davis

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