¿Qué tipo de fecha / hora de MySQL utiliza en sus aplicaciones y por qué?

I've always just kind of randomly chosen DATETIME or TIMESTAMP. What are the pros/cons of each and what do you use and why? (I realize some have more detail, I'm usually looking for year/month/day/hour/minute/second resolution and I'm currently working with PHP, AS3, and Objective-C.


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Timestamp can be updated/created automatically and can reflect on changing the timezone mysql session variable. Also date can store the dates of wider range (2038 vs 9999).

As for me - I prefer to use timestamp everywhere, since it is easy to display the time in user's timezone.

SET time_zone='$tz'

Where $tz is an offset in format +10:00 or string timezone representation like Asia/Vladivostok. After you perform this query - all the dates will be automatically converted to expected timezone. And from another point of view - each date you're storing in database will be stored with a glance of current timezone. (timestamp is stored in UTC, and mysql just offsets it when returns data to you, according the time_zone variable).


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Oh interesting. So in PHP how would you change the session timezone? And if you did a select on a timezone it would auto-convert to that session timezone? - jestro

@jestro: yep. I've given a short description. - zerkms

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