NSTextView no responde en una aplicación sin el icono de la base

I have a menulet app with an NSTextView in it. I don't want the app to appear in the dock, so I wrote


in the Info.plist file.

But if this option is enabled, somehow an NSTextView in the menu stops responding at all.

How can I make it respond again? Maybe there are any other ways to hide the dock icon?


IMPORTANT UPDATE: This bug has been spotted only on Mac OS 10.6 and higher

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The documentation states that keyboard events are not supported in views that are attached to a menu item (see Application Menu and Pop-up List Programming Topics).

That said, I had no problem creating a minimal sample app without Dock icon and a text view embedded in a status item's menu, so your problem is likely somewhere else. You can download my sample app Aquí.

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Do you have Mac OS 10.5.X? Take it or leave it but on Mac OS 10.6.6 your sample app doesn't work... - Bola de masa hervida

When I click at the UITextView and try to input text it just doesn't work - Bola de masa hervida

No idea, works fine here, except for the text view's context menu and shortcuts that involve the command key (so copy/paste doesn't work), but entering text is no problem. - omz

That's really weird... I'll try to find another 10.6.6 Mac and test it there, then - Bola de masa hervida

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