¿Cómo creo una señal de onda sinusoidal en Cocoa?

I am a noob programmer who just started learning about Cocoa.

I want to create a sine wave signal interface. How can I do that?

I saw that someone used code from this processing example to create one. How can I do something similar in my application?

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Xcode is the IDE, not a language or a library. So the answer depends on the language(C/C++/Objective-C/Java/...), framework-library(Cocoa/CocoaTouch/...), platform(MacOS/iOS), etc Please be more specific -

owh sorry.. actually any language would do as long as the language supported by xcode.. (objective c/c++/c) -

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I will suggest you to refer aurioTouch sample application from Apple . Also you can refer to Coreplot marco de referencia.

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i already checkmark it but cannot vote yet i havent register.. later after i register will do that.. - tímido

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