¿Cambiar el idioma dinámicamente usando el soporte multilenguaje de androides?

Is there are way to switch between different languages within an app using androids multilanguage support (values-de folder for german and value-en folder for english)?

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This is not really supported but possible by changing the Configuration object's "locale" field [Google Groups Post]

Configuration c = new Configuration(getResources().getConfiguration());
c.locale = Locale.GERMAN;
getResources().updateConfiguration(c, getResources().getDisplayMetrics());

Note that this alone will only effect future strings, not ones already displayed on the screen. You'd want to do this from a different activity than your main one, then finish your main one and restart it. This is hacky. See Post from Hackborn

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I will give it a try, when I get to this point in a few days. Thanks so far! - YO

can I change it directly ? - Mohammed Subhi Sheikh Quroush

@Kevin TeslaCoil with this I can run my APP with device language? - Skizo-ozᴉʞS

This works but it’s only temporary. If anything happens that changes the configuration (such as rotating the screen) then the changes get lost. - Neil Roberts

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