¿Cuál es la mejor aplicación de configuración de perfil / usuario de django?

I'm looking for a good django app that brings to me basic features like

  • user profile editing
  • password changing
  • save settings / preferences specific to my app
  • save authentication keys to external apps (twitter, rtm, facebook, ...)

I know how to extend the normal user model (see docs http://www.djangobook.com/en/1.0/chapter12/#cn222)

and there are also these apps around:

  • django-profile/
  • idios (on github)
  • django-account/

however, none of them seems to be ideal for what I want. Therefore, my question is, does anyone know a app that is better / more mature / more feature rich that I just didn't find? Or do I have to roll my own app?

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does django-userena support custom settings for applications? - yo mismo

I am sorry to inform you that you will (for now) have to put together a custom solution using django-registration/django-profiles along with django-socialregistration.

EMPEZAR Aquí with and progress to Socialnetwork Authentication. On the up side, django is young so solid solutions are in the near future and you will be part of them. ;-)

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