Construir proyecto C # desde dll

I can view C# code from .NET ddl's with ILSpy. Are there any programs to build completed C# project from the dll?

P.S. I don't want to include dll to my existing project. I want to grab some code from dll and understand how it works. But it is harder to read code directly from reflector. I prefer to read code from Visual Studio and want to create "Class Library" project from dll.

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you can add the dll as an assembly and call all the functions if that is what you are asking... -

It's already built and therefore in a dll. As soandos says, you can reference the dll and access all it's functions. I don't know what you think you can achieve by recompiling the decompiled code... -

Well the question is asking how to get the C# project back from an already compiled code. I assume because he wants to make changes to it, not just use it... -

@Andy - that would make more sense, just couldn't work out his intentions from the description. -

The DLL has ya haya utilizado been built. You can use it just like it is. Why do you want to build it de nuevo? What are you trying to accomplish? -

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If I understand you question right, You can create a complete project file including the code from a dll using Redgate's .Net Reflector

There are other free products in the market including Telerik's JustDecompile I am not very sure about it!!

Having said that, Redgate's .Net Reflector works fine when the DLL contains code which are fairly straight foreword, I did find it buggy when the DLL are referencing many other DLLs.

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It sounds like you're looking for Reflector, which can decompile DLLs to complete C# projects.

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