Personalizar los permisos de WAR descomprimido en Tomcat

I can't seem to find this on here but it seems like it would be somewhat typical. I am running Tomcat 6 on RHEL5

I want Tomcat to unpack my WAR with 774 permissions rather than the 754 permissions it uses by default. Is there a way to specify this? I looked though catalina.policy but did not see anything that related to this.

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This isn't controlled by Tomcat itself, it's controlled by the umask permissions of the user under which Tomcat runs.

Vea este hilo del foro for discussion of how to control that. For more clarification, is a better place to ask.

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Awesome. This got me in the right direction. Thanks. Here was another helpful thread once I knew what to search for -… - Dustin

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