¿Alguna idea de qué navegadores web móviles admiten html5 a partir de ahora?

Of all the mobile web browsers out there, more or less which ones support html5 as of now or plan on supporting it?

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The language is called HTML and all mobile browsers can parse it (= all of them support it). -

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I suggest going over to http://caniuse.com. They have a pretty exhaustive list of Html5 and CSS3 browser (desktop and mobile) breakdowns, including future planned support.

Since Html5 is a moving-target, of sorts, you'll find that browsers are at different phases of implementing different Características of Html5. It's generally not as black and white as "yes, html5" or "no html5" its more feature-by-feature because that is how Html5 (and CSS3) support is typically being rolled out on browsers.

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