Eclipse: actualización lenta después de la actualización de svn

After updating my project, Eclipse (Indigo on Windows) hangs for a couple of minutes refreshing the project. Even if only just one small folder or only 1 file is updated, it seems to refresh the entire project.

My project has 10.000+ files in it, so I can see why refreshing everything can take a while, but why is the toda project being refreshed?

The workspace and working copy are on my local computer. The SVN server is in a LAN. I disabled automatic build and refresh in the Eclipse settings.

Any ideas why a simple refresh is taking so long ?

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I've seen this happening when timestamps of files that don't need updating don't agree with the timestamps stored by the version control system. Try removing the local copy and checking out a fresh version.

Respondido 27 ago 11, 19:08

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