Diseño de tabla mysql con múltiples valores para la misma columna

I am integrating a friends system for my website...

One question I have about the mysql table is how it is to be set up.

Will I have many columns for each friend they add, such as freind 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on and the row will be the user who has added them.

Is there a better way to do this?? With my first thought doing it that way would mean a cap on the amount of friends someone can have...

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Doing that you would have a 1-row table wouldn't you ? That is not really clever DB design. I'm thinking about something like 1 table (id, friend.id, friend_id_who_added) and other table friend (id, name) -

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Your suggestion of multiple columns would violate primera forma normal. As well as artificially restricting the number of friends such structures are tedious to work with and inefficient.

You need a junction table for friends with 2 columns (userid1,userid2) that form a composite primary key. Both columns would have a FK relationship with the user mesa.

In many RDBMSs you would also have a check constraint userid1 > userid2 so a relationship can only be stored in one form but I believe check constraints are somewhat broken in MySQL.

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+1: Only caveat is the composite primary key won't stop reverse duplicates. IE: 1,2 and 2,1 are considered valid composite PK values - Ponis dios mio

Ok do you have any links to where I could learn this technique, thanks - carlgcoder

@carlgoder - The gist of my answer is really about normalisation. Worth reading the wiki articles on primeras, segunda y tercera normal forms. - Martin Smith

You will need an additional table with records for each friend a member has. For example:

members (id, name)
friends (member1, member2)

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