¿Cómo recuperar la URL del sitio web que proporciona el servicio de correo electrónico desde una cadena de correo electrónico?

I am using Ruby on Rails v3.0.9 and I am finding la mejor manera to retrieve the "last part" of a email string and the related web site URL (that is, the web site that provides the email service).

Por ejemplo, si tengo


Me gustaria recuperar


and "transform" that so to have the following:


¿Cómo puedo lograrlo?

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Podrías hacer algo como esto:

a = "my_email@gmail.com"
b = a.split("@").last
=> "gmail.com"

"http://www." + b
=> "http://www.gmail.com"

You could do it all in one line with:

"http://www." + "my_email@gmail.com".split('@').last

There may be better ways, but this is fairly simple.

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The mail exchange server will often be on a different domain than the email address, so you will have to lookup the MX records using the DNS server to get that information:

require 'resolv'

def mx_host_of_domain(domain)
  mx = nil
  Resolv::DNS.open do |dns|
    servers = dns.getresources(domain, Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::MX)
    if servers && !servers.empty?
      mx = servers.sort_by(&:preference).first.exchange.to_s

email = 'stackoverflow' + '@' + 'larshaugseth.com'

mxhost = mx_host_of_domain email.split('@').last
# => in1.smtp.messagingengine.com

url = "http://www.#{mxhost.split('.').last(2).join('.')}/"
# => http://www.messagingengine.com/

Note that there is no guarantee for a web server to be located at this address. In my case the real web address to the email service is https://www.fastmail.fm/, but luckily the one generated by using the above method will forward you there.

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+1 especially for the comments about the lack of usefulness of doing this. Why are you doing it, and why are you assuming that an email domain has a web site, or vice versa? - triples

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