¿Cómo poner en línea la base de datos de MS-Access y conectarse a ella usando Java?

I am writing a game in Java, it is an applet. I want the user to create an account, and have it registered into a database. I know how to create a database on my computer, and do username and login checks, but how do I get the database online, so that users can login?

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Why do you want to use MS-Access? -

I'd use a web service, but that seems too simple. -

You could use MySQL/PostgreSQL, which are often provided to you by your webhoster? -

I am new to this idea of using a database online. I heard MS-Access was easy, but heckk. If they have a web service, that seems toooo simple. Tooo simple enough that I would use it. What web services are there? -

Check out SimpleDb for an example: aws.amazon.com/simpledb -

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There are multiple ways, one is Jackcess. The examples are straight forward. An other way is to use an ODBC Jdbc conductor.

I am not really sure what the applet's restrictions do have for an impact, so check this in advance. If you just need a simple data repository, think about something like SimpleDB, where you do not need an own server.

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Well, I found a tutorial, it uses a driver. The driver connects to the MS-Access Database, but does that work online? - Notchos

Depends pretty much on your scenario and where the database is located. As said above MS Access does not seem to be the best choice for that. Regarding the question, I would just try - it won't take long to write an example for this. - Horst Walter

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