Assing diferentes iconos a diferentes nodos en un JTree

Is it possible to assign different icons to different nodes in a JTree usar DefaultTreeCellRenderer.setOpenIcon()? Gracias.

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The same cell renderer instance is used to render all the cells of the tree. The open icon is the little + symbol, or triangle symbol at the left of every tree node which allows to expand it (i.e. see its child nodes). I doubt this is the icon you want to change. It would be rather strange not to use the same one for all the nodes.

If you want to display a custom icon for a specific node, create a subclass of DefaultTreeCellRenderer, override the getTreeCellRendererComponent method, decide which icon to display based on the value passed to the method, and call setIcon.

Vea for a similar example (which customized the tooltip, and not the icon, but the idea is the same).

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Véase también TreeIcon. - basurero

Thank you both JB Nizet and trashgod - FadelMS

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