Complete UITableView con la miniatura de youtube

I have an app that has a video section, the idea is to have a tableview that will display a youtube thumbnail and infos about the video on each row. I know how to get the videos on a regular view with UIWebView but how can i have that on a cell?

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Utiliza gdata-objective-c client. Lo supports the YouTube data API so you can get thumbnail and other info about a video using this library.

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How do i integrate that to my tableview? - Shawn Black

Do you know a link to a tutorial to implement this? - Shawn Black

Actually i know how to get the tableview thing going it's the api that i wasn't familiar with but i will look into that thanks - Shawn Black

Cool. If you need to, I think the Table View Programming Guide is the probably the best tutorial you can read on table views. Its a bit long but its worth going through. - Chaitanya Gupta

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