Integración de IA con RoR

I have been programming in rails for quite sometime now. Now what I want to do is to integrate AI and Rails. I essentially want to make independent agents. I am asking this question for rails but I have no experience of agent based programming(hope the term is right !) and any resource pointed out will be highly appreciated. Basically what i want to do is make a simple simulation where there are rounds. There is a player in each round and has to take some decisions. I want to build agents who along with the player act as his/her competitors and take decisions.SO in each round, i want to have 5 players.1 is a human and other 4 agents. I would like somebody to guide me to how to start. any resources for the same will be highly appreciated.

Muchas gracias.

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Thanks sir But I want to start from the basics instead of using a gem. By the way the gem looks very interesting and thanks for pointing ! -

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Hmm, i have no experience about AI using ruby, but i found a online book that give you AI implementation using ruby, check it out.

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I would also like some help on AI programming like...where do I start ?? - Rushabh Ajay Hathi

what about neural network, soft computing... it's basic need for learning AI - Agung Prasetyo

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