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In my grails app, I have this enum:

public enum RelationshipStatus{


I've defined this command object:

class MyCommand {
  List<RelationshipStatus> relationshipStatuses

which I use in one of my controller actions

def myAction = {MyCommand myCommand ->

when I submit a request to this action with parameters


Eso espero myCommand.relationshipStatuses contendrá RelationshipStatus.Separated y RelationshipStatus.Divorced, but in fact it is null.

My understanding is that Grails automatically performs request param -> enum conversion based on the enum's name. Just it case it doesn't, I tried defining a property editor that does this conversion:

class RelationshipStatusEnumEditor extends PropertyEditorSupport {    

    public String getAsText() {

    public void setAsText(String text) {

I registered this editor with Grails/Spring and tried again, but the result was the same. Is it possible to bind request parameters to a Colección of Enum?

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I believe, that Grails do not know how to fill your list, as it discards the information on the List type (List<RelationshipStatus>). I am not sure, if it's possible. -

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Using the databinder introduced in Grails 2.3, I came up with the following solution for converting request params to collection of enums. For example, given these enums

enum Gender {

enum Season {

and this command object

class MyCommand {
    Collection<Gender> genders
    Collection<Season> seasons

and assume we want to convert strings like "MALE,FEMALE" y "SPRING,SUMMER,WINTER" to the corresponding enum collections. Firstly, provide an implementation of FormattedValueConverter that does the conversion

class EnumCollectionConverter implements FormattedValueConverter {

    * To make other enums bindable, just add them to this list
    private static final List<Class<Enum>> convertableEnums = [Gender, Season]

    Object convert(value, String format) {

        Class<Enum> targetEnumClass = convertableEnums.find { it.simpleName == format }

        if (targetEnumClass) {
            List<String> enumConstantNames = value.toString().tokenize(',')
            return enumConstantNames.collect { targetEnumClass.valueOf(it) }

    Class<?> getTargetType() {

        // this class converts to a Collection<T extends Enum<T>> but the return value 
        // of this method can't be any more specific than Collection due to type erasure

Then register EnumCollectionConverter as a Spring bean in resources.groovy - it doesn't matter what name you choose for the bean. Then to use the class above to convert a comma-separated string to an num collection, annotate the relevant properties with

class MyCommand {
    Collection<Gender> genders

    Collection<Season> seasons

El valor pasado al @BindingFormat should be the simple name of the enum type that will be stored in the bound collection.

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As I know grails isn't filling List properties by default, if it's empty. Only if it's already exists, and indexes of items are passed.

Try to define this property as:

import org.apache.commons.collections.ListUtils
import org.apache.commons.collections.Factory

class MyCommand {
    List<RelationshipStatus> relationshipStatuses = ListUtils.lazyList([],{new RelationshipStatus()} as Factory)

and submit parameters as:


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