overflow-y: automático y ancho: 100% en Chrome de Google

width:100%; overflow: auto; /* or overflow-y:auto or scroll */ works fine in all browsers but Google's Chrome. It is my understanding that this is a bug, however, I cannot find any workaround. The demo is available here:


Screenshot (FF & Google Chrome):

enter image description here

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maybe it's because I'm on mobile and the images are small but I can't spot the difference -

Do you have Google Chrome on your mobile? Have you take a look at the screenshot? See the red thing? it shouldn't be there. -

Oh, you meant the red thing, I thought that was just part of the screenshot. -

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Remove the margin-left on #body.

Chrome does have some problems with margins and floated elements, but this fix doesn't appear to harm your layout.

Respondido 27 ago 11, 22:08

Not sure why I didn't notice this myself, though, yes, it seem to fix the issue. - Anacardos

Fixed ! Remove the margin-left from the #body styles.

position: relative;
overflow-x: hidden;
overflow-y: scroll;
height: 100%;
background: cyan;

Respondido 27 ago 11, 22:08

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