Directrices de nomenclatura de WCF / Prácticas recomendadas

What are the best practices for naming WCF endpoints and methods? What are the conventions you usually follow?

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I'm not aware of any specific naming conventions here - just use something "appropriate", define a standard, and stick to it :-)

If you're dealing with SOAP web services, those are typically more geared towards functions / methods - e.g. your methods would be something like GetCustomer or UpdateCustomerOrder or stuff like that. Try to come up with a consistent naming - don't use Get.... una vez, Fetch.... the other time, and Load.... the next time. Same for saving: don't use Save...., Store.. or Put... - settle on one and stick to it.

If you're more into the REST style of WCF - then you're dealing more with recursos, e.g. you would have Customer y Order y Inventory as resources in your URL, and then use the basic HTTP verbs (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) to handle the basic CRUD operations.

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