MVCControlsToolkit y validación

Hoy instalé el MVC3ControlsToolkit desde NuGet, and proceeded to add a a DateTimeFor control to a Scaffolding generated page. I only changed one line of code, but the page was no longer visible, and an exception was thrown, saying validation was happening twice.

Si me pongo UnobtrusiveJavaScriptEnabled to false in my Web.config, I can view the page. Funny thing is that if I restore the page to it's previous state (ie. default config) the error persists.

El error que recibo es: "Validation type names in unobtrusive client validation rules must be unique. The following validation type was seen more than once: required"

If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd really appreciate it.

preguntado el 27 de agosto de 11 a las 18:08

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