¿Dónde especifico el nombre o la página del lienzo? (no la URL del lienzo)

I am new to facebook apps, developing a simple Javascript app. I know I must be missing something big, but I can't see anywhere on the app settings where do specify the canvas page. all the screenshots I see online include it but not mine, I attached it here:

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Edit: For the Page Tab section to appear, click the white box that is under the Mobile and Devices section that says "I want to build a custom tab for Facebook pages".

The following has worked for me in the past:

Website: put the full URI without the filename and the domain in the site domain textbox:

Site URL: http://www.yoursite.com/subdomain/
Domain: yoursite.com

App on Facebook: put the same path as in the previous

Canvas URL: http://www.yoursite.com/subdomain/

(You will also need to add a https://... url by September I believe)

Page Tab: finally include the full URI with the file name

Page Tab Name: Your tab name
Page Tab URL: http://www.yoursite.com/subdomain/apage.html

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I am sorry all the tutorials include filling in a field called "canvas name" and from your answer I still do not now where it is - Stephane Chiche

Hi Stephane, what is the objective of the "canvas name"? Is it to give you the url: apps.facebook.com/canvas-name-here? If that is the case, you specify it in App Namespace and for the name (the title that will appear in the browser window), change App Display Name. Tutorials may be out of date. - brentvatne

Thanks indeed its App Namespace , facebook just recently changed the admin page and ALL the tutorial online are out of date. - Stephane Chiche

This is specified on Getting Started › Apps on Facebook › Canvas Tutorial

To set up your Canvas Page and Canvas URL you must first register your Facebook app and enter in your basic app information. Add an App Namespace to create a Página de lienzo URL.

Also when you click on the [?] next to App Namespace when editing your application it also says

Namespace for your app used for Open Graph and Página de lienzo (si es aplicable)

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