¿Cuál es la mejor manera de mostrar el encabezado de la página del socio en mi sitio web?

I've created a website (Wordpress / PHP) which has a some services. Anyone can use this acccessing my website.

To get more trafic, I will be having partners that can use my services on "their site".

In reality, the page is still on my server but will be using the header (logo, menu etc) from my partners website. This makes it transparent for the normal user (they still think they are on my partners website).

My question is: What is the best way to copy my partners header and display it on my own site?

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What I like to do when integrating WordPress blogs into 3rd party sites is

  • have them serve a top.html y bottom.html file than I can fetch (frequently using a cron job, not on every request using include() aunque)

  • Serve any WordPress page so that top.html is on top, then comes my WordPress output, then comes bottom.html.

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Thanks Pekka. Good answer. I've had the same thoughts as well in order not to load external content on every page request. - Steven

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