Excel dimensionar valores para una matriz post compilar vba

i want to be able to initialize an array to store the values of a conversion. but i don't know how many values there will be until compile time so i want the range to go from


1 to <some expression>

namely i want it as

Dim Colvals(1 To Len(EndColumn)) As Integer

but when the code is sent to compile it throws

Constant Expression required

any idea how to do it? i really don't want to limit the versatility of the program by forcing the specification of the range.

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You want to redimension your array using a Redim statement:

Dim Colvals() As Integer
ReDim Colvals(1 To Len(EndColumn))

It seems strange that it requires a Constant for the Dim and not the Redim, but it's true.

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+1: ReDim would be the way! As a note to OP, you should use LONG instead of INTEGER. Excel and VBA will work with Long by default, plus you don't want to run into a situation where you have gone over the bounds of Int. - Aevanko

I second Issun's statement about using Long. - Doug Glancy

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