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I'm switching from svn to hg. Each of my separate projects is in it's own subdirectory. In my svn projects I was calculating the integer version no. of a project by running svn info from a Makefile. Is there an hg equivalent for this, that would let me know the version # of each project in it's own subdirectory? I've looked at hg summary, but that just seems to give the version # of the whole repository, not the directory the command is run in.

TY, Fred

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Prueba esto:

hg id

or if you really want to get fancy:

hg log --template '{latesttag}-{latesttagdistance}-{node}' -r .

which, if you're tagging releases gets you something like this:


Respondido 28 ago 11, 01:08

I don't think there is a single command. The previous answers focused on displaying the status of the repo tip. Add

hg paths

for repo's URL.

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También puede intentar,

hg log -r .

for a better output.

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