Incrustar la base de datos SQL Server CE en una aplicación C #

I'm developing a program which uses SQL Server Compact Edition for processing data. We all know that this creates a .sdf file in output (SQL Server CE database File).

My question is if there is anyway to embed this .sdf file into the executable?

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for that to be possible it would need to be read only I suppose. Are you asking because you want to distribute only the exe? One way I can imagine is to put the sdf inside as a "filestream" ressource, then when your application runs the first thing is to load the filestream from the assembly and write it to a temp.sdf and load that one -

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Podrías agregar el .sdf file to a Resources File .resx and then when your application starts you can just copy it out of your Resources and create it, if it doesn't already exist.

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If you mean that application do this for the first time I think it won't be a good way, But if you mean that application Extract it on load and Update resource file on exit, is it possible?? as Cilvic said I think it's read-only - Amir

@Amir, are you trying to do this so you only have one exe to distribute? Or do you physically want the db to be part of the exe? - Jethro

To tell you the truth both of'em. First one to be more portable and second one for more security - Amir

@Amir, well the first part is possible, second part isn't and if you worried about security then all you need to do is set a username and password on your database. There are other more advanced features you can look at for database security but I don't think you should worry about that. Let the database handle the encryption and security, you just worry about the programming. :) - Jethro

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