¿Cómo consigo mi asp.net en Plesk (Parallels)?

Take a look at this image here:

enter image description here

On the left is my Parallels Plesk Panel that I'm using through m6.net. My asp.net project is in the folder on the right. What folder should I upload all of these files into? It includes a database, some images, and lots of aspx pages. If there is a step I'm supposed to do in between, please tell me. I can't find instructions on what I'm supposed to do anywhere.


Ok, I found through Googling another site that told me to drag all the files on the right into the 'httpdocs' folder. I've done that. I now get an error because it can't access my sql databases (in the App_Data folder). Is there a specific way I'm supposed to set up the databases so that they are accessible by Plesk?

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u need to config the connection strings to match the database on your server , so check with your host or cpanel for database connection, u will find the connection stringin web.config file -

@sari3x I'll go check it out, thanks. -

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