Ayúdame a evitar que aparezca un desplazador horizontal alrededor de una página en posición relativa

Estoy configurando http://www.streetofwalls.com

You'll see that there is an irritating gap appearing next to the relatively positioned #wrapper (which contains the whole page). It causes the whole page to scroll about an inch to the right (for no apparent reason). I can remove the gap by changing the position property, but then the page doesn't center. I'm stumped about why this is happening. Help!

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set the width of the facebook like button to 75 you dont need it to be 450 -

I just saw this after responding below. You were exactly right! -

gold to help! give me a correct answer. please -

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My only suggestion to try would be instead of having the div#wrapper be position relative, instead trying wrapper the header elements within a <header> ... </header> or simply a div, and then applying the position: relative; to that instead. Because that div will be 100% of it's parent (the wrapper - that is 860px)

Just a suggestion. Hope it helps!

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Thanks for the advice. It turned out that there were elements inside my header that were invisible, but extending outside of the width of the header div. Basically this: - emersonthis

set the width of the facebook like button to 75 you don't need it to be 450

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