jQuery Mobile al crear un conjunto plegable dinámicamente a través de ajax no aplica estilo [duplicado]

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Adición dinámica de elementos plegables

I am dynamically creating a Collapsible set and adding it to the page using $('#myID').html(htmlcode). The styling is not being applied to the page. How can I get jQUery mobile to apply it styling?

(Estoy usando $.get() to query a web service.The content that returned I am looping through to create the markup)

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Hey, nice question. Do you already have found a solution to this? Thanks -

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This is working for me. My ajax returns a bunch of h3's which I insert into a collapsible div and append a p tag for the content.


    $.get(my_url, function(data) {
        var content = $('div[data-role="content"]').html(data);
        $('h3').each(function(h3_element) {
            var coll = $('<div class="ui-collapsible-contain" name="blog"  data-role="collapsible" data-collapsed="true">');
        content.trigger( "create" );        


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and no, refresh trigger didn't work either... - Bjorn

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To initialize your div correctly after preventing the default init formating, you'll have to use something like $("a way to select your div").trigger('create'); as specified here: http://jquerymobile.com/demos/1.0b2/#/demos/1.0b2/docs/pages/page-scripting.html

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This was how my team was doing it at first, but it caused problems with the styling when performed on a collapsible-set así como la collapsibles inside. Using .trigger('create') arreglado. - Limón

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