Permitir que ScriptEngineManager de Java acceda a ciertos métodos de Java

Is it possible to access Java methods from inside ScriptEngineManager.

I found out how to use the Invocable invoke function method, but now I need the opposite to happen.

public class Main {
  public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception {
    String source = "var results ='example');            \n" +
                    "                                                \n" +
                    "if(results == \"hello\") {                      \n" +
                    "  print(\"ding dong.\");                        \n" +
                    "}                                               \n";
    ScriptEngine engine = new ScriptEngineManager().getEngineByName("JavaScript");

public class System {
  public static String foo (String x) throws Exception {
    // do something with x

So when I run it should run the method in

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If you are looking for a JavaScript engine I would use the latest version of Rhino. The version that is packaged with the JRE is old. -

I need to be able to specify what classes they can access. -

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Doing this using Mozilla Rhino is much easier. Say your wanted to expose System.out to your scripts:

Context cx = Context.enter();
Scriptable scope = cx.initStandardObjects();
Object wrappedOut = Context.javaToJS(System.out, scope);
ScriptableObject.putProperty(scope, "out", wrappedOut);

Luego en JavaScript:

var hello = "Hello World";

You can also expose individual Java methods by extending the Function class in the Rhino library and they exposing it to your scripts in a similar fashion.

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So does this mean the not all methods will be exposed? - Mark

You can expose an object or you can wrap a method by implementing the Function object in the Rhino library. - babsher

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