Android equivalente a .NET UserControl

I'm just getting into Android development. I'm trying to figure out if its possible to setup something similar to a user control that's available in Silverlight, WP7, or ASP.NET, where I can define a reusable component in a layout, and then embed that layout in another layout.

¿Es eso posible?


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I think you shouldn't map things in a certain framework to others in another framework, you should learn how each platform does things in order to be able to compare them. -

That's not very helpful. It's perfectly reasonable to ask how to do something in the context of something you already know. -

Aren't fragments the equivalent to UserControls? -

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Yes it is possible. Here is the referencia. You have a couple of different options. I've found just building compound controls has been good enough for me, but you can do fully custom Views if you need to.

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