Jquery jplayer en IE (internet explorer) demostración e implementación de la lista de reproducción

I recently implemented a version of the JPlayer playlist for part of a website. Works fine on firefox, safari, chrome, but doesn't work at all in IE. The error for IE specifically says Object doesn't support this property or method. Just for kicks I went back to the site where I downloaded the demo from and sure enough that playlist demo doesn't function in IE as well... When I open up the show JPlayer inspector it also doesn't work, saying

This jPlayer instance is running in your browser where: jPlayer's html solution is not required jPlayer's flash solution is not required

No solution is currently active. jPlayer needs a setMedia().

I have read some similar issues to this. Tried setting up the swf path to /js/jPlayer.swf etc... But still not having any luck.

Here's the demo site http://www.jplayer.org/latest/demo-02/

¿Algunas ideas? Gracias por adelantado.

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I know this is late in the game, but did anyone ever find a reason for this? -

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