Lua y API que requieren autenticación (Wordnik)

I've been trying to figure this out for a while, and I just can't. I use a program (CMUD) in which I utilize the Lua scripting language extensively for data-mining. I've written scripts that gather weather information from using their API (requires no authentication) and I data-mine for slang terminology. Now I'm attempting to utilize the json parser of Wordnik to return the definition of words. However, I'm quite new to API, and while I've gotten a good grasp on Lua, I'm still a neophyte here as well. Therefore, I turn to you, seeking the answers I so desperately need.

According to Wordnik API documentation, the proper way to authenticate a user is with the following url:{format}/{username}?password={password}

The {format} can be either xml or json, but I prefer json. Using:


returns "unauthorized" errors. Using:

r,c = http.request{ url = "", headers = {api_key = "MY_API_KEY"}}

returns r = 1 and c = 401.

I'm just utterly confused as to how I can authenticate myself and use Wordnik's API via Lua through the program I use. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Alternatively, if you know of any dictionaries that return json formats, I'll appreciate those suggestions as well!

For clarification purposes:

I want to be able to retrieve the json format of a definition of a word. Doing the direct API call does not seem to work, and seems that it does require logging in (or authenticating).

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Oops, slight correction to the response from esperluette. The "entries" api isn't available to a standard developer API key. Please try this:

Note that everything you see in should be available for you. You can also pass the api_key in the request headers (preferred method).

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Oh, I love you for this. Thank you so much! I hadn't found the /definitions?api_key part -- did I overlook it in the documentation? I thought I had scoured everything there! Thanks again! - Josh

Hi Josh, I have to say, I think you're right. We'll get that in the docs ASAP. Apologies for the trouble that might have caused! - fehguy

I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to do here -- are you trying to authenticate a Wordnik user, or are you trying to call definitions? You can call Wordnik definitions without "logging in" as a Wordnik user via the API, just use your API key.

If you just want json results for definitions, you can try this call (for the word 'mustard'):

Have you played around with

I hope this is helpful, I know nothing about Lua. :-)

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I tried your suggestion, and it doesn't work, unfortunately. It keeps returning {"message": "unauthorized", "type": "error"} as the json. I've looked through the documentation, but unfortunately, nothing I've tried seems to work. I'm trying to authenticate the user (me, in this case) so that I can make the API calls, but it's simply not working, and I don't know what I'm missing. Thanks for trying, at least! - Josh

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